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Cotton Dyeing & Spinning with Joan Ruane
February 15, 16 & 17  2014
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Get your kicks--just off Route 66! 

Studio 66 Presents

3-Day Dyeing & Spinning Workshop w/ Joan Ruane

Internationally renown teacher, Joan Ruane will offer her 3-Day Cotton & Bast Fibers Spinning Workshop. The first day we will dye cotton fibers, the second day we will spin our dyed cotton and on day three we will spin cotton, flax and bio-engineered fibers. The workshop fee includes all fiber, dye and materials, plus morning coffee and tea, lunch and snacks for all three days. This workshop is for anyone who can spin a singles yarn. Although it is not a beginning spinning class, it is a beginning cotton spinning class! **Space is limited!** To reserve your space, print the registration form (below), fill it out and include a check for your payment. Registration will be accepted in the order received; after the workshop is filled a waiting list will be formed.  Don’t wait! Get your registration in as soon as possible.

Our workshop space is located in Rancho Cucamonga at the Troop 634 Scout House, just off the 210 Freeway.  The workshop time is 9am to 4pm.

Remember: Fiber, Dye, Snacks & Lunch included!

Cost for 3 day workshop with Joan Ruane:  $345

(Deposit to save your space: $150)

Final Payment Due: December 1st, 2013. Because of the nature of this workshop, no refunds will be issued after December 15th.  If you have to miss the workshop, we encourage you to find a friend to take your place. Just let us know!   We hope to see you at the workshop.